About Us

We provide specialized, personal eye care based on cutting-edge science and years of clinical experience. We help patients achieve their highest potential by managing many eye conditions that are not addressed in standard optometric or ophthalmologic exams.  This includes many learning-related vision problems such as strabismus, convergence insufficiency, tracking, and dyslexia.

Our practice is designed to provide a relaxed, positive, and nurturing atmosphere.  We ensure plenty of time to answer your questions.   Dr. Grisham has spent over 40 years in the field of binocular vision and learning-related vision problems.  Additionally, Dr. Shumaker manages the full spectrum of eye conditions and utilizes the most advanced lenses and contacts to find you the right corrective solution for work, sport, and leisure.

We welcome patients of all ages to our practice, which is equipped with the latest technology to ensure a truly comprehensive eye exam.

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