What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a service provided by optometrists to develop, rehabilitate, and improve visual skills.  There is currently an epidemic of visual fatigue, blurriness, and eye strain in the US and abroad.  This is in part due to the increased environmental stresses to the visual system imposed by ever-increasing school requirements, computer work, and leisure activities.

There are many aspects of human vision that go beyond “20/20”, or the ability for a person to discriminate the smallest details of an object.  Most optometrists’ and ophthalmologists’ main focus is to improve one’s ability to read small letters on a chart with lenses, contacts, or refractive surgery, and to detect and treat eye disease.

But there are many other ways to measure and improve visual performance, and these are not often tested for in a standard eye exam.  Weaknesses in certain visual skills can negatively impact reading, work, sports, and other visually-demanding activities.

These “other” visual skills include tracking, focusing, binocularity/eye-teaming, peripheral vision, and vision perception (depth, memory, discrimination, etc). In most cases of visual skill deficits, around two months of home-based vision therapy exercises and weekly training visits can vastly improve visual performance along with reading, sports, and visual comfort.