Mary Jo Batey

CTC, Vision Therapist, Reading Specialist

Mary Jo Batey, CTC, Vision Therapist, Reading Specialist

Mary Jo Batey has dedicated her life to helping children and adults learn to read and write English to the best of their individual abilities.  As a California Credentialed Teacher for over 30 years, she has specialized in developmental reading and language skills, working with hundreds of elementary school students in the classroom, tutoring individually, and in small, guided-activity groups.  Her unique empathy and understanding of first, second, and third graders extends to the family dynamic and it’s influence during the relatively narrow window of opportunity for a young child’s development.

Our Dynamic Reading Program now offers computerized techniques appropriate to the core deficits for most children having a reading disability, with good results.  Mary Jo administers this technology.

As the reading specialist at Rising Star Optometry, Mary Jo combines proven visual therapy exercises (developed by professionally recognized optometry researchers) with the wisdom of lessons learned and priceless practical strategies developed over the years.  Her personal goal is to help each young person chart a healthy course through one of the most challenging and important stages of their education and their lives.

Mary Jo Batey is a graduate of University of San Diego.  She received her teaching credential from University of California Los Angeles.  She was introduced to optometry while working on her Masters in Gerontology from Sonoma State University.  She provided visual skills services to seniors in conjunction with the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Institute.