Success Stories

Antonio | Age 9


Antonio was a 4th grader who was reading for only 10 minutes a day, skipping lines and words, and things up close would occasionally get blurry.


At his first examination, Antonio was found to be mildy far-sighted (hyperopic) with some astigmatism.  The affect on his vision was small enough where glasses weren’t necessary.  He also had poor tracking for reading, focusing infacility and fatigue, and low reading efficiency (with many tracking errors).  Sight words were also a weakness for him.

Interestingly, in a follow-up exam we used special eye drops to dilate his eyes and temporarily inhibit his internal focusing ability.  He was found at this time to have a stronger prescription than originally though.  Thus his eyes were working over-time, all the time.  This is why his focusing skills were weaker than other children his age.


Antonio has completed 2 months of vision therapy for global and fine tracking, focusing, visual stamina, and building is sight word recognition.  He is also working hard in our reading clinic for more comprehensive reading practice and therapy.


Antonio is making great progress with his tracking, focusing facility, and sight word ability.  He is also reading at a faster speed now.  Additionally, his far-sightedness is still a barrier to reading for long periods of time, so we prescribed a pair of reading glasses to use for reading and homework.