Success Stories

Ariel | Age 6


Ariel was a kindergartner whose parents and teachers were concerned because she seemed disinterested with picking up books and reading.  Her parents also wanted a 2nd opinion to rule out visual or perceptual problems that may have been affecting her progress in kindergarten.  She came in wearing glasses that were prescribed for far-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.  She had also been previously diagnosed with amblyopia (reduced visual acuity due to inadequate neurological development) by another eye doctor.


Upon her eye examination, she was found to have reduced visual clarity (amblyopia) in both eyes from not having the proper prescription in place (critical for visual and brain development).  This can often happen because children are pretty tolerant of what would be considered poor vision, nor would they necessarily know any better. She also had reduced near focusing, immature global tracking, reduced depth perception, and deficient visual-motor integration.  Coincidentally, these visual skills deficits are all associated with amblyopia.  Also, lack of interest in books or other visual stimuli is often the first sign of a vision problem.


Ariel has now been through 3 months of training for the above deficiencies.  To help improve her clarity of vision we asked her to wear her latest/best glasses prescription full time, as well as patch one eye while playing some fun games for an hour or two a day to promote normal visual development.


A dedicated young student (with a dedicated mom and dad!), she has already improved her vision to near normal levels, 20/20 left eye and 20/25 right eye, while also greatly improving her tracking and near focusing.  We are now working more on visual perceptual difficulties.