Success Stories

Emma | Age 7


Emma was a 1st grader who was having her reading material blur occasionally and a teacher had picked up a potential tracking problem and severe reversal confusion.


When we examined her eyes we found many deficiencies. She had immature global and fine tracking for reading, an inability to cross her eyes sufficiently (for reading), poor near focusing and focusing fatigue, as well as an inability to refocus quickly from far to near and back.  Her depth perception suffered as a result.  Some perceptual skills needed improvement too, including visual memory and reversal confusions.  Testing also indicated she had a visual-spatial subtype of dyslexia.


Emma embarked on a training program to improve her tracking and convergence, as well as focusing and visual stamina.  These basic eye skills should be considered the primary building blocks for any successful vision therapy program.  Once these visual functions were trained to a sufficient level, we began work on her weaker visual perceptual skills.  In total there were 22 training sessions completed.


Emma, now 7 1/2, is an excellent and dedicated student whom has now completed our advanced Reading Dynamics program with outstanding success.  She now has 4th grade reading efficiency (with 100% comprehension) and NO reversal confusion.  She has also trained her visual skills to a satisfactory level, with: normal eye muscle balance, normal convergence and fusion skills, adequate focusing skills, excellent depth perception, adequate tracking ability, and advanced reading efficiency.  Her reading is now progressing normally!