Success Stories

Kade | Age 8


Kade was a 2nd grader referred to us with visual fatigue and eye aches with reading, as well as occasional blur up close. He also tended to get lost in print and used his finger to help compensate. Finally, Kade loves sports but tracking and catching a baseball was difficult for him.


During his exam Kade was found to have borderline visual acuity (less than 20/20) at far and near and inaccurate eye tracking movements with excessive head movement. In addition, he had a gross inability to cross his eyes appropriately at near (convergence insufficiency), weak fusion and eye teaming, and focusing insufficiency. All these visual skills deficits heavily contributed to his symptoms, as well as reduced his overall depth perception.


In only 6 weeks of a home-based vision therapy program, Kade was able to completely normalize and even excel in his visual efficiency and skill. He was able to finish the program quicker than usual because these skills are readily trainable and he was such a dedicated student whom performed the homework assignments diligently.


Kade’s reading efficiency improved from a 1.7 grade level and 96 words per minute to that of a 5th grader and 157 words per minute! He and his mom also report that catching a ball is easier now, and sports are more enjoyable.