Success Stories

Madeleine | Age 11


Madeleine was a 5th grader who was an avid reader experiencing difficulty in math and spelling.  This was her second-ever eye exam.


Although she was asymptomatic, we found some mild farsightedness (hyperopia) that was a different amount in each eye.  This can often make it difficult to participate in sports and other visually-demanding activities.  This also made it more difficult for her to focus at things up close with her right eye and for her eyes to align properly and converge.  Depth perception was a weakness for her as well.


The prescription indicated was mild overall, but the large difference between the eyes made glasses and/or contacts necessary to put the eyes in better balance.  We decided to fit her in daily disposable soft contact lenses.

This type of correction is actually better for her eyes than just glasses for a number of reasons:

  1. The difference in lens thickness between the eyes will create an annoying difference in image size in glasses but not contacts
  2. Better peripheral vision, not limited by the edge of the frame
  3. It forces her eyes to look through the proper prescription at all times (oftentimes children cheat and look around glasses).
  4. The daily disposable nature of the contacts reduced the maintenance and hygiene demands, ideal for young patients.

And no lost glasses or forgetting them at school!


After less than two months of home therapy to train her convergence, focusing, and depth perception, Madeleine was able to graduate from our program with optimal visual skills!