Success Stories

Olivia | Age 9


Olivia was a 3rd grader whose eyes were stinging when reading.  She also experienced occasional blur looking at things up close, used a place-keeper habitually, and sometimes words would appear to move on the page.  She found that using yellow-orange filters helped reduce some of those symptoms.  Significantly, her younger sister was also having similar symptoms and difficulty with reading.  These types of vision problems often run in families.


Her visual acuities at far and near were borderline sufficient (3 lines below “normal”), with immature global and fine tracking for reading, poor focusing skills and fatigue, and weak convergence ability.  A Perceptual Skills Assessment was also done, and Olivia was found to have weak visual sequential memory, reversal confusion, visual-motor integration, and fine motor ability.


Olivia successfully trained her basic visual skills for 15 weeks, at which point she started a month of visual-motor and fine-motor integration training, as well as perceptual skills work.


Olivia is now a happy, healthy 9 1/2 year old.  Through training her weak eye fusion and focusing skills, she indirectly improved her unaided clarity of vision (to 20/20 both eyes) and reduced the likelihood of her needing glasses.  She has excellent tracking, fusion, and focusing skills, good depth perception, and adequate reading efficiency.

However, at her last evaluation she was complaining of itchy, dry, and irritated eyes.  She was found to have allergic conjunctivitis.  Readily available over-the-counter allergy eye drops were prescribed to help relieve her symptoms.