Symptoms that Could Indicate a Visually-Related Learning Problem

There are many signs and symptoms of visual deficits.  Adults are better at noticing and verbalizing complaints such as headaches, double vision, and visual discomfort and fatigue.  Children may more often exhibit signs such as poor recall for reading, body tension and squirming/wiggling while doing near work, covering one eye, and turning his or her head to one side while attempting to read.  School performance whether erratic or poor, and even sub-par sports performance may indicate a vision problem.

The following is a questionnaire that you may fill out for yourself, with a student, or  with your child.  It is based upon a symptom survey designed, studied, revised and published by a group of leading optometrists.  There is a strong correlation between exhibiting many of these symptoms and the diagnosis of visual skill deficits, a leading cause of visually-related learning difficulties: