Binocular Vision

Our visual system is designed to use and process information from both eyes seamlessly and instantaneously.  Our two eyes are designed to work as a team, aiming at the same place at the same time to provide us a rich amount of information about our environment.

To work optimally, each eye needs to provide a clear, focused image to the brain as well as be pointed at the same exact location in space.  When this happens we experience a single, unified image that is full of color, detail, and depth.  A huge amount of information is also relayed about our surroundings at each glance.  This incredibly complicated task occurs several times a second to provide a three-dimensional movie to our brain of our physical world.  A high degree of fine eye-muscle planning, coordination, and precision is required.

In some individuals, binocularity is affected to various degrees by many  neurological conditions, diseases, and developmental immaturities.  When the system is dysfunctional, symptoms such as double vision, poor tracking, suppression, and reduced or absent depth perception can occur.


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