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Perceptual Skills Assessment

A recent eye examination (within a year) should precede the PSA. The PSA and consultation usually takes 2&1/2 hours to complete with two office visits. This assessment is designed for a child having learning difficulties and evaluates fundamental perceptual processing skills important for early acquisition of reading, writing, and arithmetic skills.
It usually includes an extensive history and standardized tests of: vision perception, perceptual speed, spatial concepts, reversal confusion of numbers, letters, and words, visual-motor integration, sentence copying skills, fine-motor coordination, auditory perception, and short term memory and sequencing. A computerized Visagraph analysis of reading eye movements is competed when appropriate. Specific tests for dyslexia, attention deficit, and other learning disabilities are also done.
Upon request a detailed report is written describing the findings and recommendations of activities and programs for perceptual remediation, besides suggestions for educational management.