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Reading Dynamics Program

Our Reading Dynamics Clinic offers a systematic approach to remediating dyslexic readers.  We incorporate state-of-the-art optometric techniques and educational strategies to resolve visual and integrative processing deficits that may contribute to dyslexia and other reading/learning disabilities.  Our focus is on phonemic awareness, the transient vs. sustained visual pathways in the brain, decoding, sight word recognition, reversal confusion, and fluency training.

After the initial course of treatment, we expect dyslexic readers to experience greater reading fluency, less reversal confusion, improved visual comfort, and greater reading efficiency.  We employ standardized testing to assess reading level improvement.  And in most cases reading becomes much more enjoyable.

Our treatment program consists of a 4 to 6 month training regimen after the initial assessment.  These include 2 weekly in-office training visits, 3 days a week of home therapy, and periodic progress checks.