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Specialty Contact Lenses

Occasionally adults and children will require a prescription that is stronger for reading than for distance vision.  In adults this is usually due to the normal aging changes of the eye (the internal auto-focusing system weakens as the eyes age, usually to a point where it’s noticeable in the early 40’s).

In children, bifocals are often used to eliminate or reduce lazy eyes (strabismus) and improve reading function.  Recent studies also indicate that the use of specially designed lenses, soft multifocal or overnight orthokeratology, can reduce the rate of progression of myopia by 50% or more.   Bifocal contacts are often more beneficial to the visual system than glasses.  This is because the reading area is much larger and allows a greater range of focus (computer distance to reading distance) than what is possible with regular glasses, all with minimal distortion and blur of objects that can occur with progressive/multifocal glasses.  Depth perception is also improved by using bifocal contacts over the more common “monovision” method of reading correction with contacts.

Contact lenses are a fantastic way to augment or even improve vision correction.  There are some amazing lenses available now that are inexpensive, disposable (daily, two weeks, or monthly), and provide the clearest vision that can be expected for a given prescription.  Contacts allow greater peripheral vision and eliminate some of the magnification or shrinking… [MORE]

New lens technology is now available that can eliminate the need for any type of vision correction for near-sightedness (myopia) during the day, and still provide clear vision.  These specially designed rigid lenses are worn overnight and gently reshape the front of the eye (cornea).  The lenses are taken off in the morning and the… [MORE]